Hey! I’m Arvay!

Do you get annoyed when you click on a recipe, only to have to scroll through multiple paragraphs and pictures before getting to the recipe?

Do you scream “GET TO THE POINT ALREADY!” when food bloggers go on and on about the inspiration behind the recipe, only to have the recipe in a teeny tiny box at the bottom of the page?

Fear not, my friend. You’re in the right place!

I’m Arvay and I hate all of those things, too. So much so that I started my own dessert recipe blog where there’s no story or image before the recipe. The recipe is right where it should be: at the very top of the page where you can easily read it. I do put a little quip after each recipe for those who want to read on. But if you just want the recipe that’s okay, too! It’s right at the top just for you. I also have a weekly segment called What Arvay Eats where I talk about recipes, ideas, and restaurants in my town of Oklahoma City that I love and think you will, too.

I love dessert. I love making dessert. I love eating dessert. If it has sugar, I love it! I’ve been baking since I was a kid in my grandma’s kitchen and it has turned into my biggest passion. Baking is my love language – if I love you, I show it with a pan of brownies. Or a cake. Or whatever you want!

If I’m not baking, I’m working by day as a technical writer. Outside of baking, blogging, and working, I like to:

  • Spend time with my boyfriend, Claude
  • Hike around my home state of Oklahoma
  • Walk my dog, Kiyah, in one of my many favorite parks
  • Sip my morning cup of tea while cuddling my cats, Winnie and Luna
  • Thrift shop (and regular shop) with my best friends
  • Spend a night out at the theatre
  • Collect vintage cake stands

Welcome to Hey, Arvay!




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