Where I’ve been and What I’ve Made

Oh, hey! It's been four months. I'm honestly ashamed that I took such a long break because that was not my intention! I had a lot of really good posts planned, but then life kind of happened. Between a car wreck, a job change, and a slowly-growing baking business, I've had my hands full. But... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Anxiety and Baking

When I was told by my past therapist to channel my anxiety and depression into a hobby, I knew that baking would be what I adopted. It was something that I already loved to do, but my love for it had sort of gone by the wayside over the course of a few years due... Continue Reading →

Hey, world!

Hey, you! Welcome to Hey, Arvay! Where you'll find all things Arvay (that's me!). I'm 22 years old, but in about 3 weeks from now I'll be 23. I live in Oklahoma and I just graduated from Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor's Degree in English. Writing has been a passion of mine for a... Continue Reading →

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